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PolarPro Helix - magnetic filters

Introducing the Helix MagLock™ - McKinnon Edition, the first ever filter system with a rotating magnet lock. Welcome to the future of filters…

Bulletproof filter and lens protection Defender caps , included with all Helix filters and available for threaded bases, ensure your glass is always protected!

Superior VND Color Reproduction and Color Accuracy Contains our most advanced glass technology to date, resulting in razor-sharp optics with zero color shift in all lighting conditions.

  • No vignetting up to 17mm with 1 filter (16mm on Canon/Nikon) and 19mm with 2 filters in place.
  • There are filters with brass thread 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm, Mist Filter, BlueMorphic Filter, GoldenMorphic Filter.

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