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DJI Maintenance Service - Inspire Series

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Výrobce: DJI

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DJI Maintenance Service - Inspire

The service includes Inspire 1 and 2 models

DJI Maintenance Service is a comprehensive All in One solution for your drones. This service, available for the Inspire and Matrix series, includes replacements for worn drone parts such as propellers, propeller mounts and landing gear, etc., as well as deep cleaning for major drone components. Our technical team also installs the latest firmware and calibrates drone modules - such as IMUs, motors and the Vision system.

DJI Maintenance Service not only revives your drone, but also eliminates potential safety risks and keeps it in optimal flight condition. Recommended for your drone when used for a long time (200 flights, 50 hours of flight or 6 months of use, whichever comes first). In addition, if the drone has been operated in extreme temperature and weather conditions, we recommend increasing the frequency of maintenance.

Duration about 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the drone for service, the time may be extended due to bad weather, because it is necessary to fly the drone after replacement and inspection.


We do not accept drones that are after a fall and have not been properly serviced before.

If a fault is detected during this maintenance operation that cannot be rectified during maintenance, or the fault could cause the drone to fall in the near future, the DJI service will analyze the fault and propose a repair solution along with the price. The price may therefore increase.

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