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DJI Ronin-SC is a three-axis stabilizer for DSLR cameras and SLRs. Despite its small size, the device can carry up to 2 kg and can last up to 11 hours of work. It supports tracking, ActiveTrack 3.0, automatic time-lapse shots and panoramic photos. After connecting to the phone via the DJI Ronin application, you can control a number of other Ronin-SC stabilizer functions with your phone.

Tip: A newer DJI Ronin-SC 2 is also available.

Battery life up to 11 hours
Weight only 1.1 kg
Dynamic stability
Load capacity up to 2 kg
Smart ActiveTrack 3.0 feature

Designed for use in a variety of conditions, it opens up opportunities for cameramen and video creators in almost any situation. Magnesium alloy construction together with high quality composite materials provide performance at its low weight, only 1.1 kg. Ronin-SC can be folded and easily carried in confined spaces

DJI Care Refresh (Ronin-SC)

DJI Care Refresh (Ronin-SC)

39,00 €

delivery in 21 days

DJI R - Cheese Plate

DJI R - Cheese Plate

19,00 €

delivery in 14 days

DJI R - Focus Wheel

DJI R - Focus Wheel

59,00 €

delivery in 2 days

NEW DJI R - Lens mounting strap

DJI R - Lens mounting strap

25,00 €

delivery in 21 days

NEW DJI Ronin - SC Dual Handles

DJI Ronin - SC Dual Handles

99,00 €

delivery in 21 days

NEW DJI Ronin-SC - BG18 Grip

DJI Ronin-SC - BG18 Grip

79,00 €

delivery in 21 days

NEW DJI Ronin-SC - Focus Motor

DJI Ronin-SC - Focus Motor

109,00 €

delivery in 21 days

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