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Dope Grip Pro - Evolve Carbon GT / GTR

32,50 €
32,50 € without VAT
1 - 4 weeks

Product code: dope-grip-pro-GT-GTR

Brand: Evolve

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Dope Grip Pro - Evolve Carbon GT / GTR

This shape is custom-cut by laser for versions of the Evolve Carbon GTR and Carbon GT longboards.

* Bamboo GTR requires a universal Hexagon Dope Grip.

Dope Grip is specially designed to give you the best possible driving experience while multiplying control over the board.
In addition, it has several functions:
Super Grip - you don't have to worry about it slipping in a dry, wet or dirty environment. The grip is rougher, so we do not recommend riding barefoot.
Absorbs shocks - Rough Road? No problem. Added shock-absorbing foam helps you stay on the board easier and also helps prevent injuries.
Pressure sensitive - adapts to your driving style. It forms according to the pressure around the shoe and thus gives you more confidence in corners, slides and at higher speeds.


Hexagons Width: 8.3 cm × Length: 9.6 cm (3.78 "× 3.27")
Overall Width: 24 cm x Length: 66.6 cm (26.22 "× 94.49")

Preparation and gluing is very fast (as you can see in the video below).


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