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VectorSave parachutes are an important safety component of drones. Legislation requires their use in some cases. Mostly when flying over people, buildings, cities or over heavy traffic.

Compatibility not only with DJI drones.
Automatic activation
Low weight
Quick assembly
Protected in a carbon tube

We offer fully automatic parachutes. Built-in electronics detects unnatural tilt of the drone or acceleration caused by free fall. The parachute is activated and fires without the need for activation by the pilot. We get rare seconds that would be lost by the pilot's reaction time.

We are a distributor of the Vectorsave brand in Slovakia.

VS - Carbine 2.5mm

VS - Carbine 2.5mm

15,00 €

delivery in 6 days

We send packages
on the day of the order

DJI warranty

in Bratislava

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