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EcoFlow Delta 2

999,17 €
999,17 € without VAT
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Product code: 1ECO1330

Brand: EcoFlow


EcoFlow Delta 2


The light and portable battery station EcoFlow DELTA 2 offers a great power of 1800 W and a capacity of 1 kWh , which can be expanded up to 3 kWh. This way, you will have the necessary energy at hand on the road or, for example, at home during a power outage. Our "battery power plant" includes a range of well-known and commonly used ports, a 230 V converter and a solar MPPT regulator, thanks to which you can also charge the station with solar panels. Of course, the fast charging of the X-Stream from 0% to 80% in 50 minutes and a number of protection systems for the safest possible operation. Warranty period of 5 years.

Expandable capacity -

With an expandable capacity of 1-3 kWh, you can increase your energy storage according to current needs. Connect an extra battery to the DELTA 2 and get storage with a capacity of 2048 Wh, or use the DELTA Max extra battery to expand the storage to 3040 Wh. Perfect energy backup for appliances in your home.

Powerful inverter -

An inverter with a power of 1800 W can easily power 90% of household appliances. You can connect up to 15 devices to DELTA 2 at the same time. Unlike competing products, DELTA 2 can power appliances with an input power of 2200 W without overloading, thanks to the patented EcoFlow X-Boost technology.

7x faster recharging from the network -

The new generation of X-Stream charging technology can charge the DELTA 2 station 7 times faster than it takes to charge competing devices. In practice, you can charge DELTA 2 from the mains from 0 to 80% in 50 minutes and from 0 to 100% in just 80 minutes.

Take the green route -

You can recharge the DELTA 2 station using the energy of the sun with a power of up to 500 W. Just connect the portable solar panels and you can recharge the station solarally in just 3 hours.

A battery that lasts up to 6x longer -

The new LFP battery allows you to use the station every day for 10 years. We guarantee that the capacity of the accumulator will drop to 80% of the original capacity after 3000 cycles at the earliest.

Control the station from anywhere -

Connect to the DELTA 2 station from anywhere using the mobile app and Wi-Fi, or use the Bluetooth connection in places without a Wi-Fi signal. Regardless of how you connect to the station, you can easily remotely monitor the charging and discharging speed, set the station's behavior or change the charging speed.


Technical specifications


  • Capacity: 1024 Wh
  • Expandable capacity: 1× external additional battery DELTA 2 (+ 1024 Wh) or 1× external additional battery DELTA Max (+ 2016 Wh)
  • Battery type: LFP (LiFePO4)
  • Service life: 3000 cycles (until guaranteed degradation to 80% of the originally stated capacity)
  • Maximum supported total device power (X-Boost): 2200 W
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Dimensions (H×W×D): 400 × 211 × 281 mm
  • Weight: 12 kg


  • 4× AC socket (230 V): constant power 1800 W in total (peak power up to 2700 W)
  • 2× USB-A: 5 V/2.4 A, 12 W max
  • 2× USB-A Fast Charge: 5 V/2.4 A; 9 V/2 A; 12 V/1.5 A, 18 W max
  • 2× USB-C: 5/9/12/15/20 V, 5 A, 100 W max
  • 1× car socket: 12.6 V/10 A, 126 W max
  • 2× DC5521: 12.6 V/3 A, 38 W max


  • Charging from the network: 1200 W
  • Solar charging: 11 to 60 V, 15 A, 500 W max
  • Charging in the car: 12 V/24 V, 8 A

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