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Evolve - Carbon Hadean AT

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Product code: evolve-c-h-at

Brand: Evolve


Evolve Skateboards - Carbon Hadean AT


The Hadean series is for those who want more. It takes everything that makes our GTR series great and raises it to 100.

Higher speed, greater range, smarter and much more energy is designed for those who want the maximum experience underfoot.

The name Hadean Series, named after the earliest geological period when the Earth was still forming, contains everything we have learned over the last 13 years - making electric skateboards, and packing them into one board.

• Top speed 42 km / h
• Dual 3,000 W motors (enough power to run the steepest street in the world with ease)
• Range 40 km (43.2 V 16 Ah 12S4P 21700 691WH)
• New rugged Phaze remote control (LCD display + 4 adjustable speed modes)
• Intelligent integrated lighting (responsive brake, fault / battery status, + full color adjustment and animation sequences)
• Explore By Evolve customization in the application (adjustment of lighting shades + acceleration and braking curves)
• New E-FOC motor controller (Hadean's Intensive Power Continuous Control)
• Carbon fiber (used on supercars for its light strength)
• Patented board (maximum power without volume + ventilation holes for cooling air)

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