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Exway Wave Hub

NEW Exway Wave Hub
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Brand: Exway


Exway Wave Hub

The Exway brand is rightfully compared to Apple in the field of electric longboards and skateboards. The products from this company are characterized by thoughtful solutions, pleasing aesthetics, and many unique features that make everybody's life easier and the ride better. Exway Wave is the first electric skateboard from this brand, but we can already tell you that it is one of the best boards on the market.

Hub or Belt, whatever you prefer 

This skateboard is offered with 2 different drive types. The Riot option uses a so-called belt drive, which results in a smoother ride on rough roads and also allows you to exchange the wheels for different types. Even though the wheels included in the packaging are 85mm, Exway Wave is designed to work with up to 105mm wheels in diameter, for example, the popular Cloud Wheels.

The HUB version uses the HUB drive on the other side, which has the advantage of near-zero maintenance, quieter ride, and lower price. But whatever drive train you choose, you can enjoy riding with speed up to 37km/h. And if that is not enough for you, you can increase the top speed by using bigger wheels thanks to the Riot option.

Unique battery 

Another unique thing about the Exway Wave is the 5 Ah 36V battery.  It's composed of 20 cells in a 10S2P configuration. That means this electric skateboard has a range of roughly 18 – 22 km. But that's not all. This is a so-called "smart" battery, and it's capable of discharging itself after a week of no use to 60% of capacity to preserve its longevity or estimating the level of charge (=range) to an incredible precision level of 2%. But the biggest advantage of this battery is the fact that it is a real quick-swappable battery in the truest sense of the word. This means that if you ride long enough to empty the battery, you can just take out the spare one from your backpack, press a button and the swap is done in 10s. There is no need to screw any screws, remove enclosures, reconnect some cables, or anything else. This is it.

Drive variability 

Exway Wave is special because both the HUB and the belt drives are interchangeable. That means you can buy the HUB version of Exway Wave and upgrade to the Riot version later on for example. And then you can choose which version you want to ride with at that moment, as the exchange process is very quick and simple. Also, if you want to have this option right from the start, you can buy the 2-in-1 version which includes both types of drive train.

Advanced ESC 

Exway Wave uses a special version of the popular HObbywng ESC, which allows Exway to offer features such as standby mode, remote firmware update of the board, customization of the power curves by the user thanks to their mobile app, and much more. Even though Hobbywing  is probably the most popular ESC brand at the moment, it is Exway who made the brand famous in the first place and they are one of the biggest reasons why is Hobbywing ESC so popular

Practical remote 

The remote goes hand-in-hand with the ESC. It has an LED display that allows you to set your speed and brake mode, see information such as your speed, battery level, or distance ridden, turn on or off the built-in light and much more. 

Safety lightning 

Whilst the back  LED lights are included by default and also function as brake lights (they automatically turn red when you brake on the remote), the front ones are an optional accessory. But both of them are integrated with the board, meaning they are powered directly by the Exway Wave battery and communicate via the ESC and remote.

Comfortable ride 

Let's not forget about the deck and trucks as well. Exway Wave uses the proven 7" Trist Trucks in combination with the particularly shaped deck with kicktail, resulting in great stability and the possibility of using bigger wheels. This deck is made using a combination of fiberglass and Canadian maple using Exway's proprietary method. It is covered by a foam-padded grip tape for a smoother ride.

Mobile app 

One of the most unique advantages of Exway is their mobile app, that allows unprecedented control over the performance of your board. It shows you more detailed ride info and it also allows you to set your own customized ride mods. That means you can change the top speed, acceleration curve, breaking curve and with the Exway Wave, you can also customize the color & pattern of the backlight. Another big advantage this app provides is the ability to update the firmware of your board over the air. So if the users discover any software issue that Exway missed in testing, Exway can remotely provide an update to make your board work perfectly once again.

In short, this board is thought out to the last detail and allows you to customize it exactly according to your needs. Whether it is the 24km range, quick-swappable battery, integrated LED lights, mobile app, or powerful motors, if you choose Exway Wave you won't be sorry!

What's included:

  • Exway Wave electric skateboard
  • remote controller
  • charger
  • tools
  • cables
  • skate tool

Technical specifications:

  • Motor power: 2x1000W = 2000 W (RIOT)
  • Max incline: 25% 
  • Max speed: 38 km/h 
  • Max range: 22 km 
  • Battery type, brand:  Li-Ion
  • Battery capacity: 5000 mAh 
  • Charging time: 2 - 3 hours 
  • Weight: 6.4 kg (HUB)
  • Wheel size: 85mm 
  • Energy recuperation when braking

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