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Exway X1 Flex Hub

665,83 €
665,83 € without VAT
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Product code: EXWX1FXe

Brand: Exway


Exway X1 Flex Hub

Exway is one of the leading innovators of electric skateboards. The new Flex series is truly a quality product with a design that competes with some of the industry’s top competitors, but with a far more reasonable price tag. It has an impressive range of options that include a choice between their sleek and silent V2 hub motors and their “Riot” belt motors. A “two in one” option is also available that ships with both motor setups and allow the rider to easily switch systems depending on preferences and local conditions.

Classic longboard feel The “Flex” is Exway’s budget option and is a more casual ride compared to the X1 Pro series. The deck is a flexible bamboo longboard with parabolic wheel cutouts, well-designed concave, and padded grip tape which makes for a deep carving experience with lots of shock absorption. The Flex electric longboard is less expensive than the X1 Pro series, and it may actually be a more preferable option for riders who enjoy a classic longboard feel.


Maybe you prefer a high-quality hub setup with a silent ride that freewheels well for occasionally pushing? Or maybe you live in an area with lots of hills that requires more torque and softer wheels? With the Exway Flex, you can have both! Exway is one of the very few brands that allow its users to seamlessly switch between hub and belt motors with minimal effort. This kind of flexibility allows for a level of customization that simply isn’t normally available.

Exway Flex

Modular design

Unlike the X1 Pro models where the ESC and the battery are integrated within the board itself, the components of the Flex electric longboard are mounted under the deck. This modular design has a few advantages. The battery is easily swappable and only requires six screws to be removed to exchange units. The other components are easily accessible and should any maintenance be required, the parts are very easy to replace. It’s also well sealed with an IP55 rating which means it has a decent level of protection against accidental water exposure.

Smart battery

The Exway Flex electric skateboard ships with a 216-watt hour battery with high-quality  cells in a 12s2p arrangement. This translates to a range of up to 26 km, depending on rider weight and conditions. It also has a series of new interesting smart features that promote longevity of battery life and safety, such as high-voltage warning when under heavy load, and more. As previously mentioned the battery is easily swappable and you can bring an extra unit and a screwdriver in your backpack should you wish to go for a longer cruise. The battery can be charged in just under 5 hours with the standard charger or in about an 1 hour and 30 minutes with the optional quick charger.

Exway Flex

Flex Riot drive train

The V2 “Riot” belt motors have been upgraded to include more durable and deeper teeth to avoid breaking as well as thicker belts to stop slippage. The setup includes two powerful 1500 watt motors that provide a substantial amount of torque. They also have swappable wheel adapters which are a simple solution for using a wide range of some of the most popular wheels on the market. The kit comes standard with 85mm 76A orange wheels and makes for a very cushioned and grippy ride straight out of the box.

Flex Hub drive train

Exway’s hubs have always been known for their quality. Two 1200 watt motors that provide smoother acceleration, better battery efficiency, and a much more silent ride than their belt motor counterparts. They also require less maintenance and freewheel more effectively should you enjoy the occasional push. If you live in a flat area that has well-maintained pavement this may be a more suitable option. If on the other hand you live in an area with lots of hills and questionable riding conditions, the torque and cushioning of belt motors may be a better option.

Hobbywing ESC and remote

Tested and true, Exway has always used the latest heavily customized version of Hobbywing’s components which have consistently proven themselves reliable, ergonomic, and elegantly designed. The remote has an LED display that allows you to set your speed and brake mode and see information such as your speed, battery level, or distance ridden. The ESC also has a special feature that allows you to turn your board using only the remote. You may find out this is one of the most useful feature of the board. Many of their features and parameters can be also controlled in the Exway app which is available on both IOS and Android platforms.

Trist Trucks

Trist are Exway’s new line of high-quality trucks. They are extremely well made as they are forged with CNC milling techniques and come with a lifetime warranty. They are simply strong, stable, high-performance trucks that look very good.

So, if you are looking for a high tech electric longboard, but also don’t want to sacrifice the classic longboard feel, this may be the model for you. This board has been rightly called a “game-changer” as its competitive price point and specifications are setting a new benchmark for electric skateboards. It is one of the best value-for-money boards currently on the market.

Package content

  • Exway Flex electric longboard
  • remote controller
  • charger
  • tools
  • cables
  • skate tool

Technical specifications:

  • Motor power: up to 3000 W (RIOT)
  • Max incline: 30% 
  • Max speed: 40 km/h 
  • Max range: 26 km 
  • Battery type, brand:  Li-Ion 
  • Battery capacity: 5000 mAh 
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours 
  • Weight: 7.7 (HUB)
  • Wheel size: 85mm 
  • Energy recuperation when braking

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