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GoPro - 3-Way 2.0

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Product code: AFAEM-002

Brand: GoPro


GoPro 3-Way 2.0 - tripod, telescope and 3in1 handle

The GoPro 3-Way is a great multifunctional handle that can be used as a handle , telescope or tripod .

The extremely flexible GoPro 3-Way replaces a number of handles, so you don't always have to take all your equipment with you. With the 3-Way holder, it's easy to take not only your favorite "selfie" shots, but also Static and Time-Lapse shots. It is waterproof and therefore you can use it for a holiday by the water.

Ergonomic camera holder, tripod and extension arm - ideal for selfie or follow shots, plus an integrated hinge allows you to tilt or rotate the camera 360 °.

3-Way offers you more shooting options without the need for extensive equipment. One universal holder performs the functions of three basic holders - an ergonomic camera mount, which turns into a height-adjustable tripod in a short time. You can extend the holder into an extension arm, which allows you to take a selfie without the holder appearing in your shots, or take follow-up shots, whether others or your own. The integrated ball joint allows you to tilt the camera or rotate it 360 ° for even greater shooting flexibility.

• 3in1 design - converts the camera holder to a tripod or extension arm.
• Integrated ball joint allows you to change the camera angle without having to move the holder
• Integrated tripod provides stability for time-lapse pictures, group photos and more
• Ergonomic design allows for a comfortable grip even on all-day adventures
• The folding extension arm is ideal for selfie shots, overhead shots, follow shots and to bring the camera closer to the action.
• The individual parts of the holder fit together in such a way that it is almost impossible to lose parts
• GoPro quick release buckle makes it easy and easy to switch the camera between holders
• Waterproof construction for use in and out of water
• The holder can be extended to a length of 49.5 cm and folded to 20.3 cm

3-Way is the most versatile handle from GoPro to date!

The package contains:
1x GoPro 3-Way (3in1)


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