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OneWheel Pint - Slate

1 166,67 €
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Product code: OW1-00007-01

Brand: OneWheel

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OneWheel Pint (Slate - Black)

Pint is simply a smaller brother of the previous OneWheel + XR model. It is a piece of design and technology that will make you feel like you are on a snowboard.

You don't need any controls, the controls are very intuitive, just lean forward and go forward, if you want to brake, lean back and stop. You also don't have to worry about balance on the board, a powerful motor in the bike will help you balance you and you can enjoy year-round snowboarding / surfing.

Thanks to the big wheel, you don't have to stick only to the asphalt, run on a forest path into nature, Pint can do everything.

OneWheel Pint features:

  • Range: 10-13 km
  • No control needed (tilt to regulate speed or braking)
  • Max. speed 26 km / h (model XR 30 km / h)
  • Weight: approx. 10.5 kg
  • You can ride up the hills
  • Charging time: 2h (50min with quick charger)
  • App for adjusting the driving style
  • LED strip to indicate battery status and other information


OneWheel Pint čierny pieskový celoročný snowboard elektromobilita alternatívna doprava do mesta
OneWheel Pint elektrické koleso eletrický board elektrická dosta Bratislava Slovensko
OneWheel Pint Bratislava Slovensko elektromobilita e-board
OneWheel Pint Bratislava Slovensko letný snowboard elektrické koliečko
OneWheel Pint Slate Sand čierny pieskový Bratislava Slovensko elektro board elektomobilita
OneWheel Bratislava Slovensko elektromobilita alternatívna preprava do mesta elektro board

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