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OneWheel XR - Maghandle Mount

50,00 €
50,00 € without VAT
1 - 4 weeks

Product code: OW1-00065-00

Brand: OneWheel

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OneWheel - XR Maghandle Mount

The XR Maghandle Mount allows OneWheel + and OneWheel + XR owners to use Maghandle, the easiest way to carry their OneWheel. The XR Maghandle Mount attaches to your axle block and allows you to attach all Maghandle variants to it. If you are still on the road, go up the stairs often or go for coffee, the XR Maghandle Mount + Maghandle is absolutely priceless.

Note: XR Maghandle Mount and Maghandle / Maghandle Pro are sold separately.


OneWheel+ XR Maghandle Mount, konzola na upevnenie rúčky na prenos

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