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Original Lucid Grip - Transparent spray for Grip

24,17 €
24,17 € without VAT
1 - 4 weeks

Product code: lucid_grip

Brand: Evolve

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Original Lucid Grip - Translucent Grip spray

Super easy spraying. If you want to have more grip on the board, just spray it and you will stay glued, we tested it. You can use it on all boards like Evolve Skateboards, OneWheel, Exway easily on all boards and grips.

The spray was designed to still maintain the surface of the grip. Whether it's wood, fiberglass, metal, ceramics. Our product adheres to virtually all clean surfaces.
Our grip is made of recycled glass material and comes in three different grain sizes. Fine, medium and rough.

Fine / Light - is like fine sugar sand. It is really gentle on bare feet, but it gives you enough grip on the ride.

Medium - If you're looking for a little more grip but still soft on your feet and want to match what's on the board, the medium is made for you.

Rough / Hard - Used more in industrial style and heavy traffic settings. It is not recommended for bare feet and due to its larger granule size, you will know that the grip is on the surface of everything you can catch. The grip works well and a little more fluid will be needed to catch everything.

Glow - Our unique luminescent grip spray is as rough as our medium grip. It charges with light and shines for about 2 to 4 hours.
GLOW Grip details:
GLOW is made of strontium aluminate, which is a photoluminescent phosphor material, which absorbs photons (electromagnetic radiation) and UV rays for charging. Charging does NOT require direct or indirect sunlight. It charges well in low light conditions indoors.

Lucid's Clear Liquid is a hard, water-based acrylic emulsion polymer that has excellent anti-color and water-resistant properties. Our high-quality, non-yellowing, clear acrylic water-based top coat is suitable for almost all finished surfaces. (It is recommended to test before use.)
Lucid's Clear Liquid contains binders, leveling and defoaming agents, making it a fully formulated, clear, water-soluble product.
This product can be diluted with water and has an excellent surface finish that can be repainted in 30-60 minutes.
Lucid's Clear Liquid creates a hard, stain-resistant film with exceptional purity and durability. It is characterized by excellent flow and leveling properties and is itself crosslinking to achieve a fast drying time. Clear Gloss CoatVOC-Compliant Versatility of the formulation (putty and top coat) Fast drying, ready to use and clean with water.
Our liquid is non-flammable, odorless, environmentally friendly, easy to apply and clean.

The package contains:
For step 1 "Liquid"
2.5 oz bottle / filled with liquid

For step 2 "Adhesion"
2.5 oz / half bottle
Foam brush
Lucid Grip sticker

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