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PolarPro PMVND Mist Edition II - 6/9 Stop

208,33 €
208,33 € without VAT
in stock9 pcs

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Product will ship Monday 30. 1.

Product code: 6/9-VND-MIST

Brand: PolarPro

in stock9 pcs

208,33 €

in stock9 pcs

208,33 €



  • Mist Edition II is available in 2-5 and 6-9 Track Variants.
  • The preset range eliminates any chance of cross-polarization.
  • Zero vignetting up to 16 mm focal length lenses.
  • All variations include the new Defender360 ™.
  • Both editions include our new haptic feedback mechanism.


The first of its kind, a diffusion filter + VND in one. Mist Edition II, which revolutionizes the ability to combine both filters into one, has haptic feedback and full light control, giving the shots a soft and creative look.

PolarPro PMVND Mist Edition II - 2/5 Stop

Mist Edition II creates a dreamy, smooth, angelic look that gives your recordings another layer of production value. By emphasizing a softer look, this filter excels in giving objects a polished look without sacrificing contrast and color saturation. Ideal for creative footage from documentaries, short films, music videos and other commercial projects.

PolarPro PMVND Mist Edition II VND + Diffuser

First on the market; now you can have a diffuser and VND without folding filters, cross-polarization or vignetting.

Multiple Storage Configurations

PolarPro PMVND Mist Edition II - 2/5 Stop

PolarPro PMVND Mist Edition II - 2/5 Stop

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