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How to choose the right drone?

Choosing the right drone can be difficult, especially when there are so many great options from the renowned DJI brand. In this article, we will look at five popular models: DJI Mini 4 Pro, DJI Air 3, DJI Mavic 3 Pro, DJI Avata 2 or DJI Inspire 3. Each of these drones has its own unique features, benefits and is designed for different types of users. We'll help you decide which drone is right for you.

The current drone legislation must also be taken into account, but we will not discuss it here. It's the best to check your legislation in your country at Aviation office or directly on EASA.

How to choose the right drone?

There are several key factors to consider when choosing the right drone:

  • Purpose of use: Think about what you will most often use the drone for. If you only want occasional photos and videos, the DJI Mini 4 Pro might be perfect for you. For professional purposes, consider the DJI Mavic 3 Pro or the DJI Inspire 3.
  • Experience level: If you're a beginner, choose an easier-to-control drone like the DJI Mini 4 Pro or DJI Air 3. More experienced users can reach for DJI Avata 2 for FPV experience.
  • Budget: Your budget will also play a big role. The DJI Mini 4 Pro is the most affordable, while the DJI Mavic 3 Pro and DJI Inspire 3 are more expensive but offer top-notch features.
  • Portability: If you plan to travel a lot with your drone, smaller and lighter models like the DJI Mini 4 Pro and DJI Air 3 will be more practical.
  • Specific Features: Check what specific features and flight modes each model offers. Advanced features like smart flight modes can be the deciding factor.


DJI Mini 4 Pro

Drone DJI Mini 4 Pro | small <250g | 4k 60 fps video |

Who is it intended for?

The Mini 4 Pro is ideal for beginners looking for an easy-to-use drone with high image quality. It's also great for hobbyists who want a compact and portable drone for trips, vacations, or just flying around.


  • Compact and lightweight: It weighs less than 250 g, which means that it does not require registration in many countries (neither in Slovakia nor in the EU).
  • Ease of use: User-friendly interface and simple settings.
  • High image quality: 4K camera with three-axis stabilization. Horizontal and vertical recording (Stories / Shorts / Reels)
  • Long battery life: Realistic 30-28 minutes of flight per charge.


  • Limited range and performance: Compared to larger models, it has a shorter range and less advanced features.
  • Shorter battery life: Compared to more expensive models that last up to 45 minutes.


The Mini 4 Pro model is not the only one in the category of Mini drones. We can also find Mini 2 SE or Mini 3 there. However, these models have discontinued production and will be replaced in the future. But the price of these older models is hundreds of EURO lower, and their functions are also fewer.


DJI Air 3

DJI Air 3 drone | dual camera system | 4K video |

Who is it intended for?

The DJI Air 3 is great for more advanced users and amateur photographers and videographers looking for more options and performance.


  • More powerful engine: Better stability and handling even in more demanding conditions.
  • Dual camera system:
  • Advanced features: Intelligent flight modes such as ActiveTrack and QuickShots.
  • High image quality: 4K camera with advanced shooting modes.
  • Longer flight time: Up to 31 minutes of flight on a single charge.


  • Larger size: Slightly larger and heavier than the DJI Mini 4 Pro, which may be less practical to carry.

DJI Mavic 3 Pro

DJI Mavic 3 Pro drone | professional and compact with RAW video option |

Who is it intended for?

DJI Mavic 3 Pro is designed for professional photographers and videographers who need top image quality and advanced functions. Together with the 4/3" CMOS Hasselblad sensor and dual zoom cameras, you can achieve shots that you never dreamed of, and the drone still guarantees compact dimensions.

For videographers, there is an option for the Cine version, which also includes a 1TB SSD and the option to shoot in Apple ProRess format (RAW).


  • Top image quality: Camera with 5.1K resolution and a large sensor for professional shots.
  • Up to 3 cameras: Hasselblad camera: 4/3" CMOS, 20 MPx
    Medium Tele camera: 1/1.3″ CMOS, 48 MPx
    Tele camera: 1/2″ CMOS, 12 MPx
  • Long range and flight time: Up to 46 minutes of flight time and a range of up to 15 km.
  • Advanced features: Including omnidirectional sensing for better security and automatic return home.
  • Stabilization: Powerful three-axis stabilization system.


  • Higher price: The high price may be a deterrent for some users.
  • Larger size and weight: Less practical for frequent carrying.

DJI Avatar 2

Drone FPV DJI Avata 2 |

Who is it intended for?

DJI Avata 2 is ideal for those looking for a drone for FPV (First-Person View) experience and adrenaline flying. Thanks to the Motion Controller, controlling the Avata 2 drone is simple and intuitive. But if you want to go a level higher, you can purchase the Remote Controller 3 and thus unlock the full potential of this drone, when you can fly in full manual and thus create fast and action shots (be it steep falls next to a waterfall / building or fast turns), but this is already for more advanced pilots and it is necessary to have a lot of experience :)



  • FPV experience: Excellent for air racing and adrenaline experiences.
  • High Speed: Ability to reach high speeds and maneuver quickly.
  • Durability: Robust impact-resistant construction.
  • Wide field of view: FPV camera with a wide field of view for better orientation.


  • Shorter battery life: Compared to other models, it has a shorter flight time.
  • Higher difficulty of control: Requires more skill and experience to fly safely, especially with Manál mode.

DJI Inspire 3

Professional drone DJI Inspire 3 | RAW video |

Who is it intended for?

The DJI Inspire 3 is a top-of-the-line drone designed for professional filmmakers and photographers who demand the highest image quality and advanced filming functions. This drone is ideal for big-budget productions, commercials, music videos and other professional projects where the quality of footage is most important.


  • Professional image quality: DJI Inspire 3 is equipped with a camera system that supports shooting in 8K resolution, which allows you to capture incredibly detailed and sharp images. Interchangeable lenses provide flexibility in choosing the optimal optics for each scene.
  • Advanced Filming Features: This drone supports shooting in RAW format, which is invaluable for professional post-production. It also offers high-speed shooting, which allows you to create effective slow-motion images with high quality.
  • Dual control system: allows two operators to work simultaneously - one controls the drone and the other the camera. This is especially useful for complex shots that require precise camera control independent of the drone's movement.
  • Stabilization: The advanced stabilization system guarantees ultra-smooth shots even in challenging conditions. Three-axis stabilization eliminates most vibrations and shakes, which is crucial for professional video quality.
  • Long flight time: offers a longer flight time compared to many other professional drones, allowing you to shoot for longer without landing frequently to change batteries.


  • High price: in terms of price, this drone is somewhere completely different compared to other drones in the Consumer segment, so it can only be available for professionals with a bigger budget. However, the investment in this drone pays off in the form of superior quality and advanced features.
  • Size and weight: This drone is larger and heavier, which makes it a less practical model for frequent carrying and requires more space for storage and transportation.
  • Complex operation: Advanced features and customization options can be difficult for beginners. This drone is best suited for experienced operators who have experience with professional filmmaking techniques.


The DJI Inspire 3 represents the pinnacle of professional drones for filmmakers and photographers who demand the highest image quality and advanced features. It's an investment that pays off in the superior footage and creative possibilities this drone offers. If you are looking for a drone that can meet the most demanding requirements for filming and photography, the Inspire 3 is the ideal choice.


Choosing the right drone depends on your needs, experience level and budget. DJI offers a wide range of drones to meet different user requirements. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced user, or a professional, you will find the right drone for your needs in the DJI portfolio. We hope this article helped you better understand the differences between the DJI Mini 4 Pro, DJI Air 3, DJI Mavic 3 Pro, DJI Avata 2 and DJI Inspire 3, and that you choose the drone that will give you the best flying experience.

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