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DJI Agras T50

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Product code: DJI AGRAS T­50 DRONE

Brand: DJI

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DJI Agras T50

The DJI Agras T50 is a top-of-the-line agricultural drone that features a 40-liter spray tank and a spreading capability with a 50 kg load capacity. With its dual spray system, it offers optimal options and performance for agricultural applications... The DJI Agras T50 ensures smooth and efficient work in the field thanks to its improved parts and added functions.


  • Tank with a capacity of 40 liters .[1]
  • The float of the level gauge was replaced with sensitive weight sensors, which allows for trouble-free application of even stiffer, sticky preparations.
  • The pump with magnetic impeller drive is a new benefit. This pump does not come into contact with the spray material, which significantly extends its service life. It also resists corrosion because it is not in contact with aggressive preparations.[3]
  • Centrifugal spray nozzles are a new feature. These nozzles replaced the dual spray system. They guarantee a performance of up to 16 l/min (with two pumps and 4 nozzles it is 24 l/min). With these nozzles it is also possible to control the droplet size from 50 to 500 μm.


  • The new extension in the spreading option includes a tank with a current volume of 50 kg
  • In the field, the DJI Agras T50 ensures the performance of up to 1.5 tons of spread fertilizer per hour .
  • The volume is precisely monitored using sensitive weight sensors, whether during spreading or spraying.

DJI AGRAS T50 is equipped with front and rear activated phase radars with double the number of RF channels[17] for more accurate detection. These devices enable multidimensional scanning of obstacles[6], which increases the overall safety of the operation. Two sets of binocular sensors allow the DJI AGRAS T50 to accurately map terrain and display obstacles in greater detail, which is essential for automatic obstacle avoidance[11] and terrain tracking[11] on steep slopes.

The DJI AGRAS T50 combines aerial surveying, spraying and spreading in one drone. Its stabilized high-resolution FPV camera enables real-time scanning of fields and orchards. With the support of DJI RC Plus and RTK services, you can create detailed maps that can then be used for automatic flight routes. With the DJI AGRAS T50, you can start and control automatic operations with a simple press of a button.

Orchard Aerial Survey[2]
DJI AGRAS T50 supports obstacle avoidance and terrain tracking to survey[2] orchards on slopes up to 20°[5]. With DJI RC Plus and its real-time mapping capabilities, it can automatically identify fruit trees and obstacles. Based on the distribution of fruit trees, it can generate accurate and fully automatic 3D flight paths.
5 hectare orchard mapped in 10 minutes[12]. 3D map

Mapping can be done in two modes:

Mapping the entire area (with obstacles) - with this mode, thanks to the powerful remote control, it is possible to map 13 hectares in 10 minutes with the creation of a reconstruction

Mapping the boundaries of the field (if the field has no obstacles) - with this mode you can map 13 hectares in 3 minutes

Wide angle remote control
DJI RC Plus has a 7-inch screen with high brightness and an 8-core processor for smooth operations. Intelligent route planning minimizes the distances flown with a full tank, which significantly increases operational efficiency. Manual mode allows you to control operations at will.

Signal stability
The new and improved O3 transmission system with four antennas works offline even in areas without cellular coverage and offers a transmission range of 2 km [13]. Its anti-jamming capability helps ensure high signal quality during tall crop operations.

DJI Relay (optional)
DJI Relay ensures smooth real-time video transmission for safer flights even in difficult operational scenarios with signal obstacles.


  • weight: 39.9kg, 52kg (with battery)
  • max. take-off weight: 92kg, 103kg (for spreading)
  • dimensions: 2800x3085x820 mm (arms and propellers unfolded); 1115x750x900 mm (arms and propeller folded)
  • hover accuracy range: D-RTK Horizontal: ±10 cm, Vertical: ±10 cm; without D-RTK Horizontal: ±60 cm, Vertical: ±30 cm
  • operating frequency: 2.4000-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz
  • RTK/GNSS: RTK: GPS L1/L2, GLONASS F1/F2, BeiDou B1I/B2I/B3I, Galileo E1/E5b, QZSS L1/L2; GNSS: GPS L1, GLONASS F1, BeiDou B1I, Galileo E1, QZSS L1
  • Max. flight radius: 2000m
  • max. wind resistance: 6 m/s
  • operating temperature: 0° to 45° C

Propulsion system

  • stator size: 100×33 mm
  • KV: 48 rpm/V
  • power: 4000 W/rotor
  • number of rotors: 8
  • propeller size: 1371.6 mm

Dual sprinkler system:

  • tank volume: 40L
  • operating load: 40 kg
  • nozzle model: LX8060SZ
  • number of nozzles: 2-4
  • effective coverage width: 4-11 m (at a height of 3 m above the vegetation)
  • pump type: type with magnetic drive
  • maximum flow: 16 L/min (2 nozzles); 24 L/min (4 nozzles)

Binocular vision system:

  • measuring range: 0.5-29 m
  • effective scanning speed: ≤10 m/s
  • FOV: Horizontal: 90°, Vertical: 106°

Phased array radar system:

  • model: RD241608RF (front); RD241608RB (rear)
  • maximum slope: in Mountain mode: 50°
  • detection range: 1-50 m
  • range of stabilization: 1.5-30m
  • obstacle detection range: 1-50m
  • front radar: horizontal 360°, vertical ±45°, up ±45° (field of view)
  • rear radar: vertical 360°, horizontal ±45° (field of view)
  • working conditions: flying over an obstacle at a height of more than 1.5 m at a horizontal speed of no more than 10 m/s and a vertical speed of no more than 3 m/s.
  • safety distance: 2.5 m (distance between the front of the propeller and the obstacle after braking)
[1] Data were measured at sea level. Payload is significantly affected by ambient temperature and altitude. The take-off weight must be reduced by 10 kg for every 1000 m of altitude. The DJI Agras app will recommend the weight of the payload according to the current state and surroundings of the aircraft. When adding materials, the maximum weight should not exceed the recommended value, otherwise flight safety may be compromised.
[2] RTK required.
[3] The maximum spray flow with two sprayers is 16 l/min. The maximum spray flow with four sprayers is 24 l/min.
[4] Data measured with 4 mm diameter urea. The maximum flow rate may vary depending on the granule size, density and surface smoothness of different fertilizers.
[5] To ensure a high success rate of surveying and mapping, the DJI AGRAS T50 can automatically adjust the flight speed based on the slope of the hill. The steeper the slope, the lower its speed.
[6] The effective sensing range and its ability to avoid and bypass obstacles will vary depending on ambient light, rain, fog and the material, location, shape and other characteristics of the obstacles. Downward sensing is used for terrain tracking and altitude stabilization. Scanning in other directions is used to avoid obstacles.
[7] Charging from 30% to 95%. Factors affecting the charging time: Altitude of the charging station; The charging cable meets the requirements for fast charging; Battery temperature range is 15° to 70° C (59° to 158° F)
[8] Data measured using DJI AGRAS T50 and may vary depending on operating environment and parameters. Flight parameters for this test: Dosage 15 l/ha, spray width 11 m, flight speed 7 m/s, height 3 m.
[9] Data measured with DJI AGRAS T50 and may vary depending on operating environment and parameters. Flight parameters for this test: Dosage 90 l/ha, spray width 4 m, flight speed 4 m/s and height 3 m.
[10] Data were measured with urea and may vary by granule type, operating environment and parameters. Spreading parameters for this test: Dosing 225 kg/ha, spread 8 m, flight speed 10 m/s, height 4 m, rotating disc speed 1,000 rpm.
[11] Avoiding obstacles is supported in the forward direction. Terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance are not supported at night or in low light. Fly carefully. Bridging obstacles is not recommended around electrical or anchor wires.
[12] Refers to mapping time after completion of aerial survey. Time varies depending on firmware version, type of aerial survey and other factors.
[13] Measured at a flight height of 2.5 meters, without obstacles or electromagnetic interference.
[14] Batteries are guaranteed for up to 1,500 charge cycles or 12 months, whichever comes first.
[15] Compared to third-party general-purpose generators equipped with a smart charger.
[16] To achieve fast charging, the C10000 smart charger, C8000 smart charger, generator or public grid output power must use a fast charging connection method that meets the requirements.
[17] Compared to the T40 active phased array omnidirectional radar.

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