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GoPro HERO 11 Black Creator Edition

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Product code: CHDFB-111-EU

Brand: GoPro


GoPro HERO 11 Black Creator Edition - action camera for video creators

The HERO11 Black Creator Edition is a set of cameras and accessories made for light and easy filming, vlogging and live streaming. With high-quality 5.3K video and Emmy® Award -winning HyperSmooth 5.0 stabilization, you get all the tools you need to tell your story in an ultra-light design that fits in the palm of your hand. The camera has a new powerful image sensor that captures more of the scene with higher image quality and better stabilization. The comfortable flashlight grip contains built-in buttons that allow you to control the camera with one hand and at the same time provide 4 hours of recording in 4K resolution on one charge. All this is complemented by a Media Mod with a built-in microphone and an external microphone input for better sound and a waterproof LED light.

Is the GoPro HERO 11 Black camera suitable for me?

There are many cameras on the market and they all have the same or very similar parameters. But what should we pay attention to? What is important and especially why is it important?

You are probably also asking yourself these questions and wondering whether the GoPro HERO 11 Black is the most suitable camera for you and whether it is worth investing in it. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so we will be happy to advise you on the selection, so that you choose the best for you.

First, we will summarize the basic important information about the camera, how it can help you make beautiful videos of your life, and then we will describe the individual functions and features of the camera.

GoPro HERO 11 Black camera parameters

  • Video resolution 5.3K at 60fps
  • Slow motion video 4K at 120fps / 2.7K at 240 fps
  • Photo 27.13MP (5568x4872)
  • A larger and new sensor with an aspect ratio of 8:7
  • Image stabilization Hypersmooth 5.0
  • Waterproof to a depth of 10m
  • The new Enduro battery is also suitable for cold weather
  • 2 LCD screens - 1 in the front and 1 in the back
  • 3 Night modes
  • Presentation of the camera 09/2022
GoPro HERO 11 Black Nočný režim - Hra so svetlom

How do I shoot great videos with the HERO 11 Black camera?

In order to shoot a breathtaking video, you should know the basic information about the camera and video, which we will look at first. Subsequently, we will show you the new video recording modes that the GoPro HERO 11 Black camera has. These modes will make your life easier and work with video easier. All you need is a little creativity and your shots will be stunning.


GoPro used a new, 1/1.9" CMOS sensor in the HERO 11 Black camera, which is larger compared to the older generation of GoPro cameras. The difference is not only in size, but also in the sensor's aspect ratio of 8:7 compared to the classic 16:9, which allows for better video stabilization without the need to reduce the quality and also allows you to record video in a format that is most suitable for instagram or tiktok.The larger sensor allows you to shoot even night shots with lower "noise".


The resolution remains the same, ie. 5.3 k. However, together with a larger sensor comes more details at the same resolution, and therefore it is important to perceive these two parameters together. Almost every action camera these days supports 4K resolution and above, but with a smaller sensor, the video is noticeably worse and captures less detail.

Video capture speed

Smooth video to our eye is at 30 frames per second (fps). At the highest resolution, the camera can capture up to 60 frames per second. In practice, this means that if you slow down the recorded image (for example in the GoPro application), you will see a smooth video, but 2x slower. With 4K resolution, GoPro offers the possibility to record up to 120 frames per second, and therefore you can slow down the recorded video up to an incredible 4x, the so-called slow motion. Slow motion shots are very effective and add tension to your shots.

Creative videos with GoPro HERO 11 Black - how to do it?

Slow motion - Slow-Motion mode

You have to think about slow-motion shots in advance and set the camera mode appropriately. For slow-motion shots, it is essential that there is a lot of light - a sunny day is ideal. You can set slow-motion shots in video mode, where you can set video recording in 4K at 60 or 120fps (marked as Frame Rate in the camera), or if the situation requires a greater slow-down, you can choose Ultra Slo-Mo where the maximum resolution is 2.7K at 240fps . Shooting in these modes takes up significantly more memory, so make sure you have enough free space on your card.

TimeWarp - Accelerated time-lapse video with stabilization

The TimeWarp function has been in cameras for several generations and is very popular. This is a time-lapse video that is best used when moving, for example, when you want to record an accelerated tour of the city, monuments or train journeys ... In this mode, you can choose the speed of how fast or slow you want the video to flow... all this directly during recording. The result is one video that you don't have to edit at all and can share it with your friends or family. You can find the function in the menu under Time Lapse.

Star Trails - Mode for shooting the starry sky

The Star Trails mode is used to capture the stars in the night sky, either as a time-lapse video, or it can even capture the path of the stars, creating unique and breathtaking images of the night sky. Sleeping under the open sky is an amazing experience, and yet few people decide to do it.. Star Trails mode allows you to capture the overwhelming feeling of the vastness of the universe. You can find the function in the menu under Time Lapse.

Light Painting - Paint with light

With the help of any light source, you can draw or illuminate objects, thanks to which you can create incredible shots. When "painting" you will certainly have a good time with family and friends not only at the New Year's Eve party and sparklers, but also at any time you can think of. You can find the function in the menu under Time Lapse.

Vehicle Lights

The Vehicle Lights mode will help you fully capture the hustle and bustle of the night city just by using a longer shutter speed. Stretched red and white lights, captured movement of pedestrians.. and all with just two clicks.. it's that simple! You can find the function in the menu under Time Lapse.

Time Lapse

Time-lapse is one of the oldest features of GoPro cameras, but still very popular. With the help of a time-lapse video, you can capture the passage of time in a very short period of time. You can film the reconstruction of a children's room, the construction of a house, or a romantic sunset. You can find the function in the menu under Time Lapse.

Night Lapse

Night Lapse is a mode very similar to time lapse, but it is specially adapted for use in low light conditions or at night. You can find the function in the menu under Time Lapse.

Horizon Lock - Fixing the horizon of the camera

Fixing the horizon is a perfect function that highlights extreme tilts, for example on a motorcycle, boat or plane. The horizon will still be the same even if the camera rotates 360° around. You can only use the function at certain resolutions and fps, you can find it in the lower left corner when selecting the wide-angle lens at the very bottom. The function is labeled Linear + Horizon Lock.

One-click shooting

In order to capture everything, the camera has a super fast mode when it automatically starts recording video (or photos - depending on how you set it up). You can record horizontally and vertically, depending on where you want to share the content, whether on YouTube or on Instagram or Tiktok.

How to use the GoPro HERO 11 Black wide-angle lens for photography?

HERO 11 Black captures 27MP photos, you can choose a wide-angle view (W for wide) or linear without curvature.

The wide-angle view is best for close-up action shots - whether it's sports or if you're short on space and want to photograph a lot of people at once
The linear view is ideal if you are photographing nature scenery or a more distant object, or if you do not want the edges of the image to be partially deformed by the wide angle.

You can also take pictures horizontally and vertically depending on where you want to share your experiences.

Thanks to the Burst function, you can take 30 photos within 1s or up to 60 photos within 10s with one click (or other options offered by the camera).

Action camera for water not only for snorkeling but also for diving

The camera is waterproof to a depth of 10m, the distance from the shore is not limited ;-) In addition, the lens has received a water-repellent treatment, thanks to which drops will get off the lens before you notice them. No more ruined water shots due to drops on the lens.

Diving is an amazing experience where you must definitely have a GoPro with you. When diving, it is important to get a waterproof case for waterproofing up to a depth of 60m and a red filter to correct the colors of the water and the sea. In freshwater, you will need a magenta filter to correct the green water. You can find filters and a waterproof case in our offer.

Be careful, however, always check the seal on the door to make sure it is clean when using it underwater - no grain of sand or hair must be there, otherwise water can get inside the camera.

New, more powerful Enduro battery for winter and cold conditions

Longer winter shoots have been pretty sci-fi so far. With the new generation of HERO 11 cameras comes a new improved Enduro battery that dramatically improves its performance in cold conditions while adding up to 38% more time compared to the older model. From now on, you only need to take one or two fewer flashlights for skiing or snowboarding and you can film all day on the slopes.

Two LCD screens - the front screen is suitable for Vlogs or interviews

A camera made for Vloggers - selfie shots are a bit easier thanks to the front display, you can see exactly what is in the shot and what is not.

Automatic video highlighting

This new function, based on advanced algorithms, identifies action and important shots and automatically marks them. You can also mark videos manually. Tagging is a perfect feature, thanks to which the application can use a template to cut your video by extracting the marked moments from the assigned videos, and you have a cut vacation video in just a few minutes and without any effort! Isn't it a blast?

One shot for all formats

New in the 11th series of GoPro cameras is a larger square video recording format. Thanks to this format, you can capture important moments in perfect quality and then adjust the dimensions of the video according to which platform you are going to share it on. For example, youtube uses a 16:9 widescreen format, instagram uses a 9:16 ratio or square, and so does tiktok.

Camera to extremes

GoPro cameras have always been robust and ready for action. When filming experiences, you don't always have the time and space to supervise the camera... that's why GoPro made the camera more durable. You can use a GoPro camera wherever you are afraid to use an expensive SLR or mobile phone. Thanks to its durability and miniaturization, it can capture the action from various places, especially from those where other cameras cannot be used at all. Just such shots will add spice to the overall video of your adventure or experience.

Emmy award-winning Hypersmooth 5.0 stabilization

With each generation comes improved camera stabilization. This stabilization is already close to perfection, so you can forget about various electronic stabilizers or stabilization in post-production... the GoPro camera will do it all for you... you just press the record button... it's that simple.

Concentrate on the shot, not on stabilization! The AutoBoost feature is here.

The GoPro HERO 11 Black camera automatically identifies the level of stabilization required by the situation and adjusts the camera performance accordingly to make your video look its best. Again, something you don't have to do at all and the camera will do everything for you! Perfect.

Breathtaking footage as if from a professional production at the touch of a button

HERO 11 Black supports a cinematic resolution of 5.3K at 60fps, thanks to which you can achieve video quality like a professional production. Of course, like everything else with a GoPro camera, it's completely simple and automatic. You just point the camera at the action and the camera takes care of everything else. You can share high-resolution videos on social networks, but you can also watch them at home on your TV, where you can see every single detail.

Do you want to see around the corner?

Unfortunately, no camera has such a function. On the HERO 11 Black, however, you can set the HyperView angle of view, thanks to which you can see absolutely everything that is happening in front of the camera. The angle of view is so wide.

Do you want to have eye-catching profile photos?

Not a problem! The new, larger sensor will allow you to take up to a 24.7MP photo from any video you've created. This is how you can take an action photo from a filmed extreme ski jump or a jump into a waterfall.

1 Billion Colors

For most men, 8 basic colors are enough.. but for others, GoPro has brought 10-bit colors, thanks to which the HERO 11 Black can capture up to 1 billion colors. All these colors will make your shots more realistic and vivid.

Record a shot in the past? This is also possible with Hindsight

It often happens that you press recording only at the moment when the action is happening... but this way you don't catch the beginning and sometimes you miss important details, sometimes the most important ones. However, GoPro also thinks about these situations. After turning on the Hindsight function, the camera still records video and audio for 15s or 30s before starting recording. This way you will never miss a shot... unless you don't start recording at all... or you buy another camera that doesn't have this function at all

Sunrise without getting up early .. impossible? Absolutely fine with the Hero 11 Black

I guess HERO 11 Black already has all the functions.. Set the Ttimelapse mode and the time when it should start.. then go to bed comfortably and when you wake up, you have a ready-made timelapse of the sunrise.. and you can also sleep.. Perfect

Duration Capture - choose the length of the video in advance

Duration Capture is a new function of the 11th generation of GoPro cameras.. simply set the length of the video in advance, and after this time the video will automatically end and save. Almost out of work again.

Lots of original accessories

GoPro HERO 11 Black is compatible with the vast majority of mounts. Original grips offer the highest quality, so we recommend giving preference to fewer but high-quality grips. How to find your way among so many grips? See the navigation of our GoPro product category, or write us an email and we will find the most suitable ones for you, so that you don't have any unused lagers at home.

GoPro for productions

Thanks to its parameters, HERO 11 Black is also suitable for vloggers, YouTubers, streamers and other professionals who make video content. GoPro offers several extensions such as Media Mod - for connecting an external microphone or light, Light Mod - for lighting the recorded scene or Max Lens Mod for improved stabilized wide-angle shots of wild actions.

The package contains

1x GoPro HERO 11 Black
1x Enduro Battery
1x Round sticker
1x quick switch
1x USB-C cable
1x Screw
1x Camera case

In addition, compared to the basic package of the HERO 11 Black camera, the Creator Edition also includes
+ Media Mod
+ Volta
+ Light Mod

WARNING ! There is no microSD card in the package

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